Function of seaweed
Author:Admin    Published in:2019-08-21 18:57  
The benefit of sea moss is not only in nutrition, its health care effect is more commendable.
British researchers discovered in the 1990s that nori kills cancer cells and boosts immunity. The algal bile protein contained in seaweed has the application prospect of lowering blood glucose and anti-tumor, and the polysaccharide has the biological activity of anti-aging, lowering blood lipid and anti-tumor. Alginic acid, found in seaweed, also helps remove toxic metals such as strontium and cadmium from the body. Medical personnel still develops the Marine medicaments that has distinctive activity and health care food from nori, can prevent nerve ageing effectively, adjust the metabolism of organism. In addition, nori prevents and treats peptic ulcers, delays aging, and helps women keep their skin lubricated and healthy. Folk still often lets postpartum woman eat the folk prescription of some laver, allegedly have apparent lactation effect. And weight loss.
Nori is very thin and eats only a few to a dozen grams a day, so it doesn't make much sense in terms of providing protein and fat. In contrast, the significance of its supply of trace elements is more important.
Although seaweed has a variety of benefits, but Chinese medicine thinks seaweed taste sweet and salty, cold sex, can clear heat, dissolve phlegm, diuretic, summer eat more seaweed have heat, fill the role of the body, hypertension patients, tuberculosis patients, beriberi patients, lung heat more phlegm fit to eat seaweed, but spleen and stomach cold, easy abdominal distension people should not eat more. Due to the sea moss in the process of seasoning, contains a lot of salt, so the need to control the salt of the people should also be appropriate restraint seasoning sea moss consumption, can eat some of the appropriate seaweed pieces without seasoning.