Sushi species
Author:Admin    Published in:2019-08-26 12:27  
As a staple food in daily food, sushi is often accompanied by a variety of different seafood. In these different combinations, the order of eating is exquisite!
Today, let's discuss the right order of eating sushi.
From light to strong
When eating sushi, we should start with light taste. If we eat strong taste first and then light taste, we will not be able to eat the delicious taste of fish.
From white to red
White body fish is light and fresh. The common white body fish are left mouth fish, pond fish, glycerin fish, etc.
Finally, eat red meat fish, its taste is strong, some high fat, easy to have a greasy feeling after eating, so should be put in the last to eat.
Common red meat fish include dragon, red and sardines.
Shells in storage
Sushi should be eaten in the order of white body fish shellfish red meat fish.
Shells are unique and moderate in taste. They are best eaten in the middle. Common shellfish are birds, shellfish and so on.
Well, do you know the right order?
This way we can better taste the delicious sushi!