The Origin of Seaweed Words
Author:Admin    Published in:2019-08-16 18:11  
Nori comes from Japan; In Japanese, "seaweed" writing "seaweed", hiragana: の り, katakana: ノ リ, Roman sound: no ri.
In old Japanese, it is commonly referred to as "algae", and now it is especially referred to as "porphyra striata". The word "nori" cannot be found in a Chinese dictionary.
The correct understanding of the word nori also need to consult the Japanese dictionary.
の [seaweed]
1. Seaweed: altar seaweed, striped seaweed, and ganja seaweed are the main types of aquaculture, very high nutritional value.
Algae: the general name for edible algae.
For details, please refer to "FLTRP - sansansanitang nihon nihon dictionary" jointly published by China foreign language research association and Japan sansanitang nihon nihon dictionary ".