Japanese cuisine - Sushi
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Sushi is a traditional Japanese food that can be eaten as a snack or as a meal. The main ingredient of sushi is rice, and the main cooking technique is boiling.
Historical origin
During the edo-era yenbo period (1673-1680), Kyoto doctor seifu Matsumoto soaked various seafood in vinegar overnight and ate it with rice. It was a new attempt to preserve food. After that, 150 years later, in the sixth year of wen zheng's reign (1823), a man named hua wu and bing wei, who lived in the city of edo, simplified the way sushi was prepared and eaten. This is now the prototype of the zu-sushi, this has long been the conclusion.
Production methods
Sushi must material is rice (ラ イ ス), its raw material is sushi rice. Rice cooked, add the appropriate sushi vinegar, sugar, salt and other seasonings, wait for after cooling is used to make sushi. Have a high quality of the raw materials used by the seaweed, seaweed, eggs, tofu skin, spring rolls and so on. The stuffing is extremely rich, and most can reflect the features of sushi!!!!! Fillings are commonly used for Marine fish, crab meat, shellfish, freshwater fish, roe, Fried eggs and seasonal vegetables such as mushrooms, cucumbers, lettuce, etc.
How to eat it
When eating sushi, you should match the seasoning according to the type of sushi. You can't dip your hands in soy sauce, or you won't get the flavor. In addition to thick soy sauce and mustard, there's a more important ingredient in sushi -- vinegar ginger.