Factory:Group 16,Haigang Village,Binhai new district in Laobagang(Jiaoxie Town),Haian County,Nantong,Jiangsu, China

About us

Nantong Yuanwei Food CO.,Ltd founded in 2015,is a professional enterprise in nori industry .

There are modern nori processing machines imported from Japan ,hand-rolled sushi machine ,triangular sushi rice ball machine and sandwich seaweed processing machine .The produces are mainly natural nutritional food made of nori as raw material,include complete roasted seaweed products,seasoned nori ,seasame sandwich nori,almond sandwich nori,nori strip and nori powder products.Our nori are sold to all medium and large coast cities in China and exported mainly to the united states ,Canada ,Australia ,European Union and southeast Asia ,more than 40 countries.

since the foundation,our company has placed food safety and health at the most important position ,and paid much attention to credibility,in terms of improving quality for years.our company passed HACCP and ISO22000 international quality system certification USA FDA authentication .

Company slogan:We make sushi more delicious!